Communicating the Green Tax Shift

Communicating the Green Tax ShiftCreating a tax system that works for people and the planet

One of the most fundamental barriers to the implementation of Environmental Fiscal Reform is a general lack of awareness and understanding of its benefits and potential. This holds true for policy-makers, business, media and the general public. Dispelling this lack of awareness is therefore central to making progress.

To give a concrete example: awareness of the value of fossil fuel subsidies is low – in spite of the fact these were estimated by the IMF (2013) to be worth more than €3,000 per person in Luxembourg, over €300 per person in Belgium and Estonia, and more than €200 per person in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. This lack of awareness leads to tacit acceptance of such subsidies, while drawing attention to their existence and scale can increase pressure on government to reform.

Mainstreaming EFR to increase its political feasibility is therefore the central objective of GBE. To do this, GBE raises awareness, enhances understanding and disseminates information about the benefits and potential of green tax shifts and reform of environmentally harmful subsidies.

In a nutshell, GBE’s communications work – referred to as FRE-Communicate, from the name of the project funded by the Velux Villum Foundation – sets out to mainstream EFR in the media as a means of fostering discussion amongst civil society and other stakeholders, and in the medium-term, as a means to boost the implementation of EFR measures.

GBE picks up on ongoing political debate and media developments in target countries and at EU level, providing fresh insights and input for journalists in the area of finance, business and environment as well as opinion pieces in the most influential national and cross-border publications.

For more information on the EFR in practice, take a look at the Danish and Swedish case studies published by GBE in cooperation with the Danish Ecological Council – more case studies here.

For examples of GBE’s engagement with mainstream and non-traditional media, visit our news section.

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