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Circular EconomyBest practices on the promotion of Circular Economy

In December 2017, GBE launched a one-year project on circular economy in collaboration with two participating organisations, the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and the Ex’Tax Project Foundation (Ex’Tax). The project is financed by the Finnish Innovation Fund (Sitra) based in Helsinki.

The purpose of the project is to define best governmental and regulatory practices and economic instruments to promote the objectives of circular economy in a selected number of EU Member States. In addition, the project will look for success stories in the phase-out of environmental harmful subsidies in Europe and study the potential and experiences of implementing environmental fiscal reform in EU Member States. Finally, the project should provide an overview of the most appropriate measures and economic instruments that could be applied in Finland to promote the objectives of circular and low-carbon economy.

The project will include two workshops: one in Helsinki in June and another one in Brussels in September. A final conference will be held in Helsinki in December 2018, together with the publication of the final report, with an executive summary both in English and Finnish. The project aims to provide a menu of policy options to be discussed and decided at the next governmental negotiations in Finland in summer 2019.

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