About Green Budget Europe

Green Budget Europe (GBE) is a Europe-wide platform of experts which works to promote dialogue and deliver progress on Environmental Fiscal Reform on the international stage and at EU level, as well as within individual European countries. Achieving these reforms in a socially equitable way is central to our mission. We are convinced that ensuring real costs of products are reflected in prices via appropriate taxes is central to protecting the climate and environment, and making decisive progress on a low-carbon energy transition.

Our focus encompasses all market-based instruments (MBI) relating to environmental policy, including environmental taxation, reform of environmentally harmful subsidies, emissions trading, promotion of renewable energy and green public procurement.

To advance its agenda, GBE brings together representatives of business, international organisations, ministries, NGOs, political decision-makers, the research community and civil society; see for further information.


GBE welcomes new trainees

The GBE team has recently undergone a major restructuring, whereby it is currently operating with minimum personnel. Consequently, we would welcome motivated trainees who would like to help in the daily operations of our work.

Please send your application together with a cover letter indicating your motivation to work for GBE, and an outline why your skills, qualifications and experience would make you a suitable candidate.

Within your CV, please indicate your language proficiency. At the end of your CV, please include email addresses and phone numbers of at least two referees who GBE may contact.

Please send your application to, with “GBE trainee” in the subject line.

We thank all candidates for their interest; however, we kindly ask for your understanding that we will not be able to contact all persons that have sent in their applications.

For further information: Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Director, tel: +32 2 514 3480 and gsm: +358 50 347 8778.




Our new website launched in September 2015. For publications, news and events prior to 2015, see our archive website.

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