Aldo Ravazzi-Douvan President

Aldo Ravazzi-Douvan

Aldo works as a chief economist at the Italian Ministry of Environment. He teaches sustainable development at University Roma Luiss. He has chaired the OECD Committee on Environmental Taxation. He presently chairs the OECD Committee for environmental-economic performance country reviews and is an IRP Steering Board member. He has been Head of IRI Economic Analysis during the privatisation programme and a promoter of the EU-ENEA/MA network for the greening of cohesion policy.

Nina Renshaw Vice President

Nina Renshaw

Nina is Secretary-General at the European Public Health Alliance. She is a member of the European Commission’s Advisory Group on the EU-US ’TTIP’ trade negotiations. Previously, she was Deputy Director at Transport & Environment, and was a delegate to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

Ignasi Puig-Ventosa Treasurer

Ignasi Puig-Ventosa

Ignasi Puig-Ventosa is an industrial engineer as well as an economist, and holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences. His main research area is the use of market-based instruments related to waste management. He has written several books and scientific papers on this topic. He works as head of projects at Fundació ENT (, in Barcelona. In the past, he has worked as environment advisor for the Spanish Parliament and as external researcher at the OECD.

Jacqueline Cottrell Vice-president

Jacqueline Cottrell

Jacqueline Cottrell is Vice-president of GBE, and has been involved with GBE from its inception in 2008. Jacqueline works as an environmental policy consultant for numerous international organisations, including GIZ, the German development agency, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development, and has worked for GBE’s founder organisation, FÖS, since 2004. Jacqueline has published widely in the field of environmental economic policy, as co-editor of Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation, Vol VI (Oxford University Press 2009), lead author of Green Revenues for Green Energy (IISD and CNREC 2013), and as contributor to Paying the Polluter (Edward Elgar 2014). Jacqueline has an M.A. in International Peace and Security and is on the international programme committee of the Global Conference on Environmental Taxation.

Patrick ten Brink

Patrick ten Brink

Patrick is the European Environmental Bureau’s Director for EU Policy, with a range of horizontal thematic responsibilities, including better regulation and implementation, economic transitions, the EU Budget and fiscal reform, as well as work on EU Policy and Presidencies. Before joining the EEB, Patrick was the Director of IEEP-Brussels and head of its Green Economy Programme. He has worked extensively on green tax reform, subsidy reform, economic instruments, green economy, circular economy, and the benefits of environmental policies. He has published widely on tax and subsidies, and is co-editor of the book “Paying The Polluter” that explores environmental harmful subsidies and underlines the urgent need for their reform.

András Lukács

András Lukács

András is the founder and president of the Clean Air Action Group, a national federation of environmental NGOs in Hungary. He is author or co-author of more than 60 studies on green budget reform, transport and energy and a regular commentator on environmental issues in the Hungarian media. He studied as a geophysicist at the Geological Prospecting Institute in Moscow.

Magnus Nilsson

Magnus Nilsson

Magnus works as an independent consultant on climate, transport and nature conservation policy. He was previously a senior campaigner at Transport and Environment, specialising on EU taxation and has worked as a journalist for Swedish radio and as a senior transport campaigner for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.  He holds a degree from the Stockholm College of Journalism.

Theodoros Zachariadis

Theodoros Zachariadis

Theodoros is a Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology, teaching environmental economics and energy resource management. He is also an academic fellow at ERC and an advisor to the Cypriot Ministries of Finance and Energy on economic aspects of climate change and long-term energy planning.

Michael Oppermann

Michael Oppermann

Michael is managing director for Green Budget Germany (GBG), a member organization of Green Budget Europe. GBG is an independent think tank based in Berlin which has been researching and lobbying for the expansion of ecological taxation and the removal of environmentally harmful subsidies for many years. Before joining GBG, Michael worked as a strategy and communications consultant for several agencies in Germany. For the last four years he was head of public relations for “Zukunft Erdgas”, an industrial initiative for natural gas in Germany.

Anselm Görres Honorary President

Anselm Görres

Anselm is the Co-Founder and President of Green Budget Europe as well as Green Budget Germany. He is an economist and the owner and CEO of ZMM Zeitmanager München GmbH. Before that, he was a consultant for McKinsey & Co. and investor and manager of the Unternehmensgruppe Ostberlin. Anselm studied economics and law in Heidelberg and Geneva and holds a PhD on working time reduction from the universities of Stuttgart and Munich.

While not a board member, Kai Schlegelmilch attends board meetings in his capacity as member of our Advisory Committee.
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